Welcome! We are Giugulea.Dev

We develop sites, mobile applications and web platforms.

How we operate

We start our cooperations by signing an NDA.

We use only our in-house developers.

Providing complete products only.


All started almost
six years ago in Bucharest and now in Berlin.

We have three main directions: Web development, Mobile development and Consulting. In software development, we have strong expertise in Social Networks, E-Commerce, FinTech, CRM/ERP, SaaS, IoT and Multimedia processing fields. During 6 years of our practice, we have faced with a lot of cases and have done more than 42 successful projects. These knowledge help us to consult and find the right decisions.


We are always open to dialogue. If you have any question or needs - feel free to address it to us. You can use the next form or drop us a line.